A short walk

A short walk to commemorate the withdrawal of the Allied troops to the River Rhine through the floodplains near the Oude Kerk in Oosterbeek. Every year, people can make the walk from the Monday after the Airborne March, this is the first Saturday in September, up until September 26.

Silent march

On September 25, 2022 at 21.00 hrs. , a silent march will take place from the Oude Kerk to the monument by the river. This silent march commemorates the start of the retreat in 1944 and also marks the end of the official airborne commemorations in the municipality of the community of Renkum. This will end with 1 minute’s silence and the playing of ‘the Last Post’. Flowers can be placed at the monument.


A tangible monument and the memory of what happened during the retreat of the English and Polish soldiers after the Battle of Arnhem have a clear educational character. A lesson plan has been made for the older primary school years which focusses on four themes:

  • The situation that the retreating soldiers found themselves in that night
  • Refugees from then and now


Part of the lesson plan is a film that shows how the withdrawal to the Rhine went.

The film is available with subtitles in English .


Pupils from several schools walk the route and than make a report afterwards. In this way, the past is passed on to the children and a connection is made between history and current events.

White ribbons and Information boards mark the route

Book about the White Ribbon Mile by Jan Vierdag

Jan Vierdag from Oosterbeek has compiled a booklet about this project. In it, a number of soldiers from that time tell of the horrors that they had to endure before they could withdraw. The booklet is available at the Libris-Meijer en Siegers bookstore in Oosterbeek and in the Airborne Museum Hartenstein in Oosterbeek.

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