White Ribbon Mile


The editors from this site wish there is a white ribbon to freedom and safety for the Ukrainians

In 2022, the White Ribbon Mile will be the focus of attention once again. The path is open from the 5th of September to September 25. On September 25
at 21.00 hrs, the event will be concluded with a silent march. This is the official end of a period of commemoration in the community of Renkum.

The silent march goes from the Oude Kerk (Old Church) in the town of Oosterbeek (the Netherlands) to the monument on the River Rhine where flowers are placed.

Symbolic March

The White Ribbon Mile is a short symbolic walk through the floodplains of the Oude Kerk in Oosterbeek to the memorial monument on the River Rhine. It is a reminder of the routeof that the English and Polish soldiers took after the failure of the Battle of Arnhem. The route of the retreat from Hotel Hartenstein through the woods of Oosterbeek to the floodplains near the Rhine and was marked with a white ribbon. A white ribbon is now only visible in the floodplains during the commemoration period in September.

White ribbon to monument
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